Cloud AI-Design

Every single person will be able to design their own project regardless of budget and background.

Cloud AI-D

Artificial Intelligence Design

Our Main goal is to provide real estate developers, home builders, interior designers, architects and even non professionals with effective tools to help them design perfect projects in short time.

Easing Selling Process

Show your client designs in few hours instead of days

Minimizing your Team

One team member can work on many projects in the same time and get results

Create a New Sales Channel

Buyers will see their homes before they buy the land

For Furniture Retailers

In order to reduce the risks of returns, your clients will see your furniture in their home.

Affordable Price

No need to assign expensive professionals to do your projects.

Anyone Can Design

No professional background needed to design great projects.

Our Magic

We have a multidisciplinary solution

Artificial Intelligence
Architecture Design
Connection to the Market
Environmental Design

Our Team

We use our experience to create the best solution for our users.

We have been working on number of projects throughout Asia and MENA for 15 years specialized in, Architecture & Urban Design, Computational Design & Digital Fabrication, Developing New Materials and Product Design. Cloud AID is a product of learning from natural systems and applying it to architectural space and products optimizing social lifestyle evolution, economy and providing a high standard of accuracy by adding coding and machine learning to architecture. We believe that the closer design to nature the more we get to be structurally optimized & adaptive with its environment. Turning from top down design process to computational digital formalism with bottom up approach where every form finds it's own function and living becomes more like exploring.

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